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Una influencer denuncia los cánones de belleza publicando sus fotos reales en Instagram

Chessie King es una joven muy popular en Instagram que ha demostrado que la mayoría de las imágenes que vemos en las redes sociales están retocadas y por lo tanto, no representan la realidad. A través de una serie de fotografías, esta chica ha enseñado como puede cambiar el cuerpo con un filtro o una postura en concreto.

@europa_fm | Barcelona | 01/09/2017

Entre las fotos más populares en Instagram están las de aquellas mujeres que presumen de cuerpazo. Sin embargo, detrás de este tipo de imágenes hay muchos secretos y así lo ha demostrado Chessie King, una joven con más de 245 mil seguidores en la famosa red social.

A través de sus publicaciones, esta chica ha denunciado que en la mayor parte de las fotos que se comparten en Instagram hay un exceso de retoques. Y es que existen muchas aplicaciones que usan las famosas para parecer perfectas en sus redes sociales.

Asimismo, King también ha revelado que la forma del cuerpo también cambia dependiendo de la postura, y también depende de la iluminación. Y así lo podemos ver en sus publicaciones, donde comparte imágenes del mismo momento, en unas usa los trucos más famosos para aparecer sin ninguna imperfección y en las otras se muestra al natural.

Con estas imágenes, que acompaña con mensajes positivos y de aceptación, Chessie King quiere denunciar los cánones de belleza y animar a la sociedad a no tener miedo de mostrarse al natural.

You know what I LOVE about people sharing these photos on Instagram, they make ME feel normal & even more okay with not being perfect 🙋🏼 I know social media has bad press with links to depression in young people BUT if you're following the right people, it can also remind you that you're not alone. The people that actually take their responsibility seriously & help educate you are the ones that should be taking over your newsfeed 💛 Some comparison photos are done very badly, with hope they come across 'real' but hopefully you're starting to filter out your Instagram just to make it purely positive. Like everything in life, you can choose whether social media makes you feel good or bad. There are so many wonderful people trying to share their stories & support you through social media, I've shared some of my faaavs on my story 👀 Andddd whilst I'm talking about stories, I absolutely love being able to show you ME, from smiley jumpy chess to sweaty mess to the times I need YOUR support... They're like my own mini vlogs 🎥 Workouts are always better when your @nikewomen @jdwomen shortshorts match your @womensbest BCAAs & shaker 🦄 #womensbest

Una publicación compartida de C H E S S I E K I N G (@chessiekingg) el

We've all seen hundreds of these but they really do help me 1. Be honest with you & 2. Feel body confident in myself 💃🏼 I'll let you into a little secret... @mathewlcarter was snapping away like the amazing boyfriend he is & I stopped half way through to say I really felt uncomfortable. He asked why & I said I just feel like my legs look chunky. You see so many girls on their tiptoes 'posing' & I'm guilty of it too. It makes your legs look leaner & longer... but in reality, yes I am nearly 6 foot & I'm lucky to have long legs, but they are still the part of my body I feel conscious of. I know some of these 2 photo 'posing' 'natural' posts are done wrongly & they actually make you feel worse about your body, but a lot are done in the right way & really help me. Even though I preach body confidence & 'embracing the wobble' I still have moments where I feel like I want to hide my legs... but what's different is how I deal with it. I give myself a little prep talk & shake off that negativity & remind myself what they do for me! They carry me round every day & are strong mother f🍿🍿kers. I then just stopped 'posing' & smiled the biggest smile I possible could & it completely changed my mood. It's okay to find your 'pose' you feel comfortable in in photos, the tiptoe, the hip to the side, the one leg in front of the other... but it's even better to feel comfortable just standing flat foot on the ground, smiling like the grinch 🙋🏼 Rashie - @une_piece @seen_group 🍉

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No matter what shape, size, height you are... never ever apologise for wearing a bikini 👙 The way you hold yourself speaks a thousand words. It changes how you look & how you feel. Shoulders back, chest open = confidence. Even if you're not feeling super comfortable, this posture oozes 'I'm slaying this bikini' Hunched over, slouchy = 'sorry I'm wearing this, I shouldn't be' YES YOU SHOULD. After so many questions since Ibiza bikini photos, I've filmed my top tips for SLAYING YOUR BIKINI 💛 I want you to try something for me now. Whether you're standing or sitting. Roll your shoulders forward & let that belly hang out. Notice how it makes you feel. Now, open up that chest & pull those shoulders back. You've grown a few inches & how do you feel now? Body confidence is a feeling, it's something you slowly find when you start thinking a different way. It's not just about 'losing a few pounds' or 'dropping a dress size'. With summer holidays coming at you like a rocket, I want to help you feel like the GODDESS YOU ARE in every outfit, bikini or you're favourite dress 💃🏼

Una publicación compartida de C H E S S I E K I N G (@chessiekingg) el

Ever sat on the floor like the right photo, looked down at your belly & thought 'yuk'? 🙋🏼 I have... a million times. But over the past year, with the help of Instagram & 'the real talk' I've learnt it's actually completely & utterly normal. As the gorge goddess @imrececen stated, very very wisely... you are beautiful no matter what 💃🏼 We all get sucked into the trap of wanting to 'look good' but do we ever stop & think... will it actually make me a better person? Will my friends love me more if I've got a six pack? Will I get promoted at work if I've got a thigh gap? There's a difference between looking good & feeling good. Working out should make you feel like a better person, it should make you feel like a superhero, it should make you appreciate your body more & therefore make you want to take care of yourself. I train super hard because I absolutely love it, I lift weights because it makes me feel strong & I take the time to look after myself... but I still have a tum when I sit down. That tum ain't going nowhere, no matter how hard I work, sweat & train. You can choose how you feel, you have the power to think positively so let's say goodbye to all of those negative words you call yourself & hello to feeling proud of your body 💛

Una publicación compartida de C H E S S I E K I N G (@chessiekingg) el

LET'S TALK. Ever bent your back in half to try that 'booty' pose you see all the fitnessgrammmmers doing?! Ever done it & realised your 🍑 looks absolutely nothing like the perfect smooth peach you see in their photo? The left photo is in a very 'flattering' darker light, the right is what my beeeeehind ACTUALLY looks like... bumps, lumps & the real stuff. Neither photos have a filter or have been edited at all, they're both in the same room just different areas in my living room! Instagram is FLOODED with the left photos when actually we should be drowning in 'the real life booty' pictures. It is something I'm so so passionate about & it frustrates me daily how some people with such a huge responsibility, use Instagram to 'show off' their lives, their 'perfect' bodies & create this unachievable life. Instagram is a platform to find inspiration & motivation but it is also the modern way of talking about issues, real life sh🍿t & to build a community of people that know they are not alone in any aspect of life. I used to be so scared of wearing shorts & felt so so uncomfortable BUT I workout 5-6 times a week, I eat very well & I will ALWAYS have the bits you can see on the right photo, my 'second bottom', the darker bit underneath my cheeeeeky weekys 🍑. Both are 'real' they're just showing different parts of 'reality' but which one is 'goals'... the right one SHOULD be 👀

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT... @gracefituk & I are expecting 👶🏼🍼💛 Joking, I'm just super duper bloated AGAIN. These photos are literally a second apart & what I really wanted to share with those that do suffer from bloating is YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It's so sore & uncomfortable & sometimes leaves me unable to actually walk because I'm bent over in agony. But people see the right way more than they see the left. I could've just posted the right photo with the life saving @NikeWomen @JDwomen leggings that suck EVERYTHANKK IN but no, I was reaaaallly struggling & wanted to show you what I was reaaallly feeling. My top tips for bloating, because boy has it happened enough to talk from experience 🤰🏼 • If you can, get into child's pose, or cat/cow. Let that tummy hang out. • Drink peppermint tea, but don't down it all in one. Just little sips ☕️ • Wear loose clothes, having tight high waisted is the worst & makes you feel even more self conscious about it • Avoid alcohol or any thing too heavily spiced/flavoured. Just stick to simple, easily digestible foods • Remember it will go down, it's horrible at the time & can change your mood but after a good nights sleep & all the above. You'll be feeling back to normal 🌈 Sending all my love to my fellow 'bloaters'... we're just prepping our minds for when we are actually preggerssss... it's a trial membership every time it happens! 💁🏼

Una publicación compartida de C H E S S I E K I N G (@chessiekingg) el

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